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Personal Information Handling Policy

ver. 1.0

Hansol HomeDeco Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the ‘company’) regards personal information of customers to be important and complies with the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” Based on its Personal Information Handling Policy, the company informs customers about how their personal information is used, in what ways, and what measures are taken to protect personal information. The company will make an announcement on the website (or notify individually) upon revision of the Personal Information Handling Policy.

01 Personal Information Collected

The company collects the following personal information to handle contact and consulting.

Collected items

Name, e-mail, contact number (home, mobile phone), address, details of contact

Method of collecting personal information

Website (customer contact)

02 Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

The company utilizes collected personal information for the purpose below and does not use personal information for any other purposes.

Identification and guidance upon customer contact

03 Period of Personal Information Possession and Use

The company destroys personal information immediately after accomplishing the purpose of collection and use.

04 Provision of Personal Information

The company does not disclose personal information without prior consent of users. Exceptions are as follows.

If agreed by users in advance

If obliged by related laws to submit personal information

05 Personal Information Destruction Procedure and Method

In principle, the company destroys personal information immediately after accomplishing the purpose of collection and use. The destruction procedure and method are as follows.

Destruction procedure

Information entered by members to register membership are relocated to a separate DB (a separate cabinet box in the case of paper) and stored for a given period according to the internal policy and related laws until destruction.
Personal information relocated to a separate DB is not used for any other purposes than legal requirement.

Destruction method

In the case of electronic files, they are deleted safely in a way that files cannot be restored. Printouts are destroyed by shredding or incinerating.

06 Technical and Administrative Measures About Personal Information Protection

The company places best efforts to safely manage personal information of users. The company protects and manages personal information at or above the level required by the Information and Communications Network Act and Personal Information Protection Act.

Important information required by laws is encrypted. Data transferred between the website and PC are encrypted as well.

The system is operated in a facility with restricted access to prevent damages from computer viruses.
In addition, data are backed up frequently to prevent damaging. Latest vaccine programs and security tools are used to prevent damages from information leak and hacking.

Minimal number of employees handle personal information. The personal information protection organization conducts regular and non-regular education programs to ensure compliance with personal information protection. All employees sign a security pledge to prevent information leak.

07 Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices

The company does not operate a device that collects personal information automatically generated while using the internet services such as cookies.

08 Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Method of Exercising

Users and legal representatives may view, correct, delete, suspend or withdraw consent of one’s personal information or child below 14 years of age at any time.
To view and correct personal information, the user shall request via main phone number of e-mail on the website. The user can view, correct or withdraw membership after the verification procedure.
The company may refuse viewing, correction and deletion of personal information in whole or part in the following cases.

If viewing is prohibited or restricted by laws

If there is a concern for harming life or body of other persons or unjustly infringing properties and benefits of other persons

If you request correction of errors in personal information, such personal information is not used or provided until correction is made. In addition, if incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, the correction result is notified immediately to the third party so that correction is made accordingly.
The company handles personal information cancelled or deleted upon user’s request as specified in the “Period of Personal Information Possession and Use” and makes sure that it is not viewed or used for other purposes.
The user not only has a right to be protected but also has a duty to protect oneself and not infringe information of others. Be careful about disclosing personal information including password. Be cautious about damaging personal information of others including posts. You can be subject to punishment if you fail to fulfill this responsibility and damage information or dignity of others.

09 Notification of Personal Information Leak

When personal information of a customer is leaked, the company immediately informs it to the customer and takes measures necessary to minimize damages therefrom.

Personal information items leaked

Time of leak and details

Information about measures that can be taken by the customer to minimize damages from leak

Measures and relief procedure

Department and contact information to report damages

However, if emergency measures to prevent spreading of leak are necessary, such measures will be taken first and then informed immediately.

Personal Information Manager
Name Ilmin Son
Phone number +84-77-7202-848

10 Civil Services Related to Personal Information

The company designates the following department and personal information manager to protect personal information of customers and handle related complaints.
You may report all complaints related to personal information that arise while using services of the company to the personal information manager or department. The company will provide a prompt reply to reported matters.

11 Duty of Notification

This Personal Information Handling Policy comes into effect on September 1, 2019.

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