Linen White [5704]

HPL Flooring General

800(L) * 95(W) * 7.5(T)
Design Characteristics
Wood texture has vintage yet clean white color that creates clear and warm space.

* This screen may differ slightly from the actual product, so please check the actual product.

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This eco-friendly HPL flooring has firm surface to prevent denting, scratching and shock. It is made only using waterproof plywood.

  • High practicality
  • Delicate color
  • Eco-friendly grade
  • Easy management

High practicality : Excellent durability of high-strength surface material

A high-strength surface material is used to show excellent dent resistance, shock resistance, wear resistance and cigarette resistance (degree at which fire spreads).

Cigarette resistance Excellent (1st grade)
Humidity (moisture) No discoloring
Dent resistance Excellent (no problem at falling height of 50cm)
Scratch resistance Excellent (400g load of scratch plate and pencil hardness of 8H or above)
Remark Surface thermosetting resin veneer with excellent physical properties

Delicate color : Delicate color that completes natural flooring

Color of the flooring surface material is applied to the core (plywood) to emphasize the natural feeling of the flooring with color similar to the surface. In addition, detailed and natural embo offers comfort of delicate surface texture.

Eco-friendly E0 grade : Safe eco-friendly grade

This material used eco-friendly waterproof plywood (100% dry patterned wood) and acquired the highest environmental HB mark.

Easy management : Used conveniently based on easy maintenance and management

This flooring can be cleaned and managed easily due to strong surface that resists various living contaminations and dents.

Structure drawing

[Product specifications and packing unit]

Type Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (T) Packing Unit (BOX)
Wood 95 800 7.5 42

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