Latte Oak [1708]

Laminate Flooring Wide

190(W) * 1200(L) * 8(T)
Design Characteristics
2-strip vintage oak texture and natural color create comfortable and cozy space.

* This screen may differ slightly from the actual product, so please check the actual product.

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It is an eco-friendly wide-width laminate flooring that is strong in scratches and impacts in everyday life by enhancing the surface strength.

  • Eco-friendly flooring
  • Strong Surface
  • High flame retardant performance
  • V-groove

Eco-friendly flooring : Eco-friendly flooring that protects health using latest locking technology

This eco-friendly locking flooring is installed without using an adhesive. The latest locking technology of Unilin has been applied to minimize 'widening of gap' and prevent infiltration of dust and humidity. In addition, this is the highest-grade laminate flooring made only using eco-friendly Hansol board of E1 grade (formaldehyde emission of 1.5 ㎎/ℓ) which minimizes formaldehyde emission, the primary cause of sick house syndrome and atopy.

  • [Comparison of formaldehyde (HCHO) emission]

  • [Comparison of total volatile organic compound (TVOC) emission]

Surface lamination : Excellent durability by laminating surface strength

The surface has high strength and is resistant to dents and scratches.

[Scratch comparison test]

High flame retardant performance : Excellent safety with proven high flameproof performance

This product has passed the official flame test and international standard conducted by Korea Fire Protection Corporation, and the fire does not spread so that fire can be prevented in advance.

Sensuous design : a sensuous V-groove similar to a real wood

It has a variety of colors from light to dark tones and reflects new trends to apply to a variety of interior styles

Structure drawing

[Product specifications and packing unit]

Thickness (T) Width (mm) Length (mm) Packing Unit (BOX)
8T 190 1,200 10
8T 120 1,200 16
12T 190 1,200 6
12T 120 1,200 12

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