SB Flooring

This is practical flooring strong against water and humidity.


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We pursue the luxurious design by applying wood, stone & marble pattern to SB floor

  • Surface lamination
  • Flooring strong against water
  • Saving of heating cost
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Sensuous design

Strong Surface : High-strength surface for enhanced durability

The SB core and high strength HPL make floorings that is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces due to its durability against daily impacts such as scratching and stamping

[Impact test]

530g weight is dropped from 50cm height to measure depression area


Flooring strong against water : Flooring with excellent waterproof ability with less concerns about exposure to water

The SB core with excellent waterproof ability based on the independent patented technology of Hansol is used. This flooring is almost free of deformation as 99.5% of it is recovered after long-term exposure to humidity. Customers can feel comfortable about using this flooring in kitchens and nearby bathrooms, which are easily exposed to water.

  • [Test]

    Flooring deformation test by water permeation

  • [HPL flooring]

    Rotten by water that smears into the floor

  • [SB flooring]

    Quick recovery after absorbption of water by the SB core material

Saving of heating cost : Saving of heating cost with excellent heat conductivity

Optimal thickness yields high thermal conductivity and efficiency. This energy-saving flooring can save heating cost in the winter by over 10% compared to the conventional heating floors.

[Thermal conductivity test]

Measurement of time taken to heat from 17 degrees Celsius to designated temperature

Eco-friendly materials : Use of eco-friendly and safe material to protect health

The SB core material of highest eco-friendly grade (Super-E0) and special surface EB coating (electron beam) technology are used so that substances hazardous to human body are not emitted. Especially, this flooring can be used safely by sensitive customers who have atopy and various allergies. The safety mark of Atopy Association was obtained.

  • [TVOC & HCHO emission test]

  • [EB coating]

Sensuous design : Diverse product surface materials (PP, HPL), which can be mixed to create a variety of designs according to concept

Original of SB flooring, strong, embo and edge can be mixed without creating gaps. We provide individual and beautiful living space wanted by customers.

  • [Mixed construction of wood and stone marble patterns]

  • [Mixed construction of herringbone and stone marble patterns]

Convenient maintenance

The flooring can always be kept clean by easy management. Especially, the surface of original and edge is treated by EB coating (electron beam) to have strong resistance to external contaminations like handprints and footprints. Cleaning is easy.

Structure drawing

[Product specifications and packing unit]

Type Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (T) Packing Unit (BOX)
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