Hansol Group Overview

Hansol Group was started with the papermaking industry in 1965 and has grown together with the economy of South Korea.

It has become independent from Samsung Group in 1991 and established a holding company system. Hansol Group leads various industries centered on the material business group and solution business group.


  • "The highest virtue in human society is volunteering.
    Nothing has more significance or adds more value to mankind.
    And there is nothing nobler as a goal in life.
    As such, the mission of companies should without a doubt be volunteering for the nation, the citizens and mankind."

    BYUNG-CHEOL LEE / Founder of Samsung Group

  • "Hansol, a company that looks far ahead and has big dreams "Hansol believes that it should be a workplace where its people look far ahead and have big dreams, where employees can feel free to research, explore and take on challenges.
    Our people are making Hansol a place of unlimited possibilities and that creates a better world by bringing together nature, culture, and mankind."

    IN-HEE LEE / Advisor of Hansol Group


    DONG-GIL CHO / Chairman of Hansol Group

  • At Hansol, we pursue a competitive advantage through differentiation, implement the maximum value, and commit to sustainable development with customers.

    A company with the right vision can implement great value. As society progresses, corporations become good neighbors to serve communities by taking social responsibility and turning the profits back to the people for a better future.

    With this spirit, Hansol is moving forward to new opportunities for a brighter future.

    Hansol is not afraid of challenge and change.

    In history, all progress has been done by people who break new ground and find value in different thinking from others.

    Hansol is committed to delivering new value to customers with a competitive edge.

    Hansol provides, shares the values for sustainable future, and continues to develop our business with customers.

    DONG-GIL CHO / Chairman of Hansol Group

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