Hansol Group Ideology


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  • Achieve competitive advantage through differentiation

    Business success amid ever fiercer competition can only be achieved through the creation of customer values based on fully materialized and proprietary core competencies. We feel that we can only be a true member of this society once we go beyond mere survival to achieve the greatest value possible and sustainable growth with our customers. With this in mind, we will focus more on garnering differentiated core competencies.

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  • Value Maximization

    Value maximization means that we will not be satisfied with what we are now, but keep marching forward until our potential has fully materialized in the form of optimum results and higher hopes. We will keep challenging ourselves to bring deeper value for our customers and maximize our potential as an enterprise.

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  • Sustainable Development with Customers

    We believe we can only grow once we deliver values to our customers and support their success as a partner for their innovation. By being up close and personal with customers, we will identify their needs as well as hidden interests and engage them by furnishing better products and services. Knowing that growing with customers also means sustainable operation, we will endeavor to make shared growth a reality.


  • Our principles represent how we operate, how we make decisions, how we measure what we do and what we have to do for a better future. Consisting of seven phrases, they are divided into business principles and organizational principles.


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