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  • Flooring
  • Flooring|No. 1 flooring brand of South Korea

    We have contributed to the expansion of the flooring market and value of living space by selling over 50 million m2 of laminate floorings in the Korean market for 20 years from 1999.
    We are growing into the no.1 flooring company of South Korea by launching laminate floorings trusted by leading construction companies and Korea's first waterproof adhesive floorings (SB floorings).

  • Door Molding
  • Door Molding|Various door molding materials to create sensual interiors

    We make beautiful interior points in practical space using ABS doors with strong moisture resistance, membrane doors with wood texture, and diverse aluminum system doors.

  • Wall
  • Wall|Reinforced wood panels made of green materials (E0 grade)

    Our products with diverse surface textures and patterns such as marble(high glossy), stone, wood, concrete and steel made of green HDF materials can be applied to ordinary houses and apartments, as well as commercial space including hotels, restaurants and galleries.
    In addition, we have secured excellent finishing quality through product patterns and use of the same finishing material.

  • Deco Sheet
  • Deco Sheet|Eco friendly design sheets that give space points

    It is used as a surface material for door materials, interior materials, and furniture, which is the basis of the interior business.
    Deco sheet is a kind of finishing sheet made with PVC, PP, PET, it is bonded materials to provide realistic texture with trendy colors and delicate emboes.

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