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Hansol HomeDeco produces steam energy using an incineration boiler and waste heat recovery system that recycle Bio-SRF (wood biomass fuel).

High pressure (40 bar) steam energy passes through a heat and power steam turbine to produce electric power using the pressure difference of steam. Low pressure (15 bar) steam is returned to the MDF production process. Hansol HomeDeco has secured thermal efficiency of 80% by recycling energy into steam and electricity.

Since 100% of power is generated using the biomass material, Hansol HomeDeco has acquired the REC (Recognition for New and Renewable Generation) according to the 'Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS).' By doing so, Hansol HomeDeco not only sells power but makes additional profit by selling the REC to power generators. The RPS system is a system in which power generators must supply certain ratio of power generation using new and renewable energy sources like solar power or fulfill the mandatory ratio by purchasing the REC of other power generators.

Hansol HomeDeco began to sell power in full scale through steam power generation and has prepared a perfect eco-friendly energy system by replacing 100% of fossil fuel with biomass fuel. Hansol HomeDeco saves annual energy cost of 13.7 billion Korean won in producing 368,000 tons of steam and 32,000 MHW of power every year.

Type Annual energy
cost reduction
Annual greenhouse
gas reduction
Waste wood incinerator 3 billion Korean won 22,000 tons Production of steam by incinerating waste wood in place of bunker-c oil
Waste heat recovery system 2.4 billion Korean won 3,000 tons Recycling of hot water and high-temperature waste gas discarded in the MDF manufacturing process
RPF 1.6 billion Korean won 25,000 tons Use of steam produced only using solid fuels that recycled flammable waste plastics, supplied by suppliers
Steam power generation facility 6.7 billion Korean won 46,000 tons A power generation facility that extensively increases steam energy production by remodeling an existing fluid bed incinerator that produced steam using waste wood and produces power by installing a steam turbine
Total 13.7 billion Korean won 96,000 tons  

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