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Furniture Component

Added values of products and services are increased through stepwise expansion of business to materials, processing and furniture doors.


MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)

This board is used as a furniture material or construction interior material. The nation's first Super-E0 was developed by minimizing emission of formaldehyde, providing highest quality and service.


Classification by color HI-Q, GREEN
Classification by density STANDARD, LIGHT, S-LIGHT, Interior board

LPM(Low Pressure Melamine)

This product has compressed a variety of printed patterned sheets on the MDF surface, expanding the functionality to furniture and interior finishing materials.

PET Board

This is a board made of PET sheet harmless to human body, bonded to the MDF surface using an eco-friendly technique. It is mainly used to make luxurious kitchenware and closet doors.

Korea First One-Stop System

Exclusive board and PET adhesion are provided as a one-stop service to achieve greatest customer satisfaction.


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    Excellent smoothness
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    Excellent adhesion
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    Korean pine trees


Hi Glossy, Super Matt, Stainless Steel, Mirror Glass

Furniture Door

This finished furniture door product is made by cutting, edge-finishing and boring the surface-processed board.

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