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  • * If water spills, immediately wipe it out using a dry mop.
    * Water can cause deformation of the flooring in the long run, but ordinary exposure to water should cause no problem.

       Bursting of a pipe or continuous oozing of water can result in defects. Such situations would cause defects on any floors.
    * A vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust. Wipe out the floor using a wet mop with small amount of moisture.
    * It is better if you use a mat made of fabric at the damp kitchen and at the bathroom entrance.

  • * Laminate flooring has special coating and does not require separate surface coating such as varnish and wax.
    When the laminate flooring surface is coated with a coating agent, it looks fine for a few days. However, wax coating on the surface is too weak and is easily damaged during movement of objects. The surface easily gets dirty. Varnish is an oil-based material that is hard to remove.

  • * Use a neutral detergent to remove ordinary wastes by wiping lightly. Finish cleaning using a dry mop.

      (Do not use an oxidizing bleach.)

  • * The flooring surface is specially treated and can be slippery. Care of the user is required.

  • * Wipe out using a dry mop before it smears into the flooring instead of neglecting it for long time.

  • * When using a carpet in the living room, ventilate frequently so that heat is not concentrated on the flooring underneath the carpet.

  • Not at all. The resin used to make our flooring is the melamine resin, which is used to make water glasses for babies.

  • The flooring can feel somewhat sticky if humidity is very high.
    Since the flooring panel has an excellent ability of controlling humidity, the wooden material absorbs moisture when atmospheric humidity is high to lower humidity.
    If humidity is too high, it can no longer absorb moisture and result in stickiness.


    At same humidity, houses with an air conditioner or other wood materials absorbing humidity can be less sticky.

  • There is no problem at all. Since all raw materials are produced domestically, adequate inventory stock is maintained at all times and can be supplied as necessary.

    Imported laminate flooring and plywood flooring are mostly imported, so companies have difficulty maintaining adequate stock. Securing enough stock requires financial and storage issues.

    If there is shortage in stock, orders take months to complete. No consumer would be willing to wait that long.

  • 1. Use a vacuum cleaner for ordinary cleaning. Squeeze water out of a mop and wipe along the texture.
    2. Do not use cleaning sponge and steel wool as they can damage the flooring surface.
    3. The surface is treated with antibacterial and special coating. Do not apply wax or gloss varnish.
    4. Laying a carpet or blanket for long time can cause deformation and widening of the flooring panel due to temperature increase. Ventilate periodically to prevent this.
    5. Use a foot mat (cloth) at the humid kitchen sink or bathroom entrance. Ventilate or dry often.

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